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FSPS Students Compete at FBLA Spring Conference

The FSPS was well represented during the FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) District I Spring Leadership Conference last week at the Fort Smith Convention Center. Both Northside and Southside High School’s FBLA teams had several students place high enough in their respective categories to be able to participate in the upcoming state competition. Here is a list of the Northside and Southside students who placed at the competition.

1st Place:
Alely Lopez and Caterine Ortiz – NHS – Banking and Financial Systems

Aaron Sayaphath – SHS – Business Law

Kimberly Cordon – NHS – Business Procedures

Ryker Hittner – SHS – Computer Applications

Aaron James – SHS – Database Design and Applications

Breanna McNaughton – SHS – FBLA Principles and Procedures

Nick Favre, Justin Eckes and Ethan Rathbun – SHS – Hospitality Management

Matt Craig – SHS – Intro to Business

Patrick Dougherty – SHS – Intro to Business Communication

Sydney Davidson – SHS – Intro to Parliamentary Procedure

Drew Smith – SHS – Highest Individual Parliamentary Procedure Score

Southside High School FBLA – Largest Chapter Membership

2nd Place:
Josey Didion and Rachel Shepherd – NHS – Business Ethics

Olivia Davis – NHS – Business Law

Colby Whitfield – SHS – Cyber Security

Vanessa Sickles and Andrew Phothirath – SHS – Desktop Publishing

Lilly Phommachanh, Jensen Hunt and Jerrod Koenigseder – SHS – Digital Video Production

Claire Wilson – SHS – Electronic Career Portfolio

Robert Wilkerson, Jaime Hernandez and Adrian Gonzalez – SHS – Emerging Business Issues

Seth Williamson, Ryan Lee and Deonte Fisher – SHS – Entrepreneurship

Dontae Perry – SHS – Future Business Leader

Jamin Bailey, Alex Gray and Drew English – SHS – Global Business

Hannah Coffman – SHS – Health Care Administration

Derek Hicks – SHS – Insurance and Risk Management

Andrea Johnson – SHS – Job Interview

Maddy Willis, Drew Smith, Valerie Murray, Will Smith and Cameron Law – SHS – Parliamentary Procedure

Joe Swink, Will Ortega and CJ Phipps – SHS – Sports and Entertainment Management

3rd Place:
Tammy Nguyen – SHS – Business Communications

Mason Polk, Jacob Siebenmorgen and Bailey Whittington – SHS – Business Ethics

Bailey Carter – SHS – Business Procedures

Cecely White – NHS – Computer Problem Solving

Monica Thammavongsa, Shawn Phan and David Pham – SHS – E-Business

Nick Rincon – SHS – Future Business Leader

Atiel Burnett, Noah White and Zane Gattis – SHS – Marketing

Christian Brasher – SHS – Personal Finance

Christian Parker – SHS – Public Speaking I

Tariq Salem – SHS – Securities and Investments

Addison Edwards, Hampton Hicks and Connor Hagen – SHS – Website Design

Aaron Chavis – SHS – Word Processing

Nick Rincon – SHS – Who’s Who in FBLA

4th Place:
James Sheives, Elizabeth Hall and Alexandria Smith – SHS – Banking and Financial Systems

Alex Williams – SHS – Business Calculations

Kate Truitt, Armonde Maurras and Andrew Staples – SHS – Business Presentation

Garrett Butler and Sofia Espina – NHS – Entrepreneurship

Sarah Spradlin – NHS – Impromptu Speaking

Michelle Passmore – SHS – Public Speaking II

Maddy Willis – SHS – Who’s Who in FBLA

5th Place:

Jessica Pich and Jeff Van – NHS – Marketing

Jenny Doan – SHS – Computer Problem Solving

Pandora Montemayor – SHS – Impromptu Speaking

Brandon Tran – SHS – Spreadsheet Applications

Nick Favre – SHS – Who’s Who in FBLA

Largest Chapter Membership – SHS – Marketshare

6th Place:
Iban Cano – NHS – Economics

Rasa Vongkhamchan – NHS – Health Administration

Esmeralda Martinez – NHS – Intro to Business

Lane Williams – SHS – Networking Concepts

August Ladd – NHS – Personal Finance

7th Place:
Lilly Phommachanh – SHS – Who’s Who in FBLA

8th Place:
Kevin Tran – SHS – Business Math

Drew Smith – SHS – Who’s Who in FBLA

9th Place:
Dillon Brown McKim – SHS - Economics

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