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All-State Musicians

Congratulations to our 93 All-State musicians! 

Erick Amaya, NHS, Band, Choir
Nathan Barker, SHS, Band
Samantha Barnett, SHS, Band
Nathan Boyd, NHS, Band, Jazz Band, Orchestra, Chamber Orchestra
Woody Boyd, SHS, Band, Jazz Band, Chamber Orchestra
Donovan Burgess, SHS, Band, Choir
Race Burns, SHS, Band
Garrett Butler, NHS, Band
Kaitlyn Butler, NHS, Choir
Giselle Carrera, NHS, Band
Bailey Carter, SHS, Band
Nadya Cesario, SHS, Choir
Gavin Clark, SHS, Orchestra, Chamber Orchestra
Scott Conrad, SHS, Choir
Alyshia Cook, SHS, Band, Jazz Band
Emily Cooper SHS, Choir
Josh Cormier, SHS, Band
Jordan Cravens, NHS, Choir
Ian D'Aquin, SHS, Band
Collin DeLung, SHS, Band
Johnny Doan, SHS, Orchestra
Patrick Dougherty, SHS, Choir
Haley Edgemon, SHS, Band
Sofia Espina, NHS, Orchestra
Audra Evans, SHS, Choir
Rebecca Farhat, SHS, Band
Zec Fingerhut, SHS, Band
Mykenzie Gordon, SHS, Choir
Brayden Green, SHS, Choir
Austin Harrison, SHS, Choir
Taylor Hartwig, NHS, Jazz Band
Nelson Huynh, SHS, Band
Alejandro Iraburo, NHS, Band
Kristy Jalaliddin, SHS, Choir
Aaron James, SHS, Band
Brandon Jones, NHS, Orchestra, Chamber Orchestra
Ben Keating, SHS, Band, Jazz Band, Chamber Orchestra
Christian Kimberling, SHS, Band
Alex Konzelman, SHS, Band
Cameron Law, SHS, Choir
Kevin Le, SHS, Choir
Logan Ledbetter, SHS, Choir
Lauren Lima, SHS, Band
Brandon Lopez, SHS, Choir
Natasha Luong, NHS, Orchestra
Don Mai, SHS, Choir
Huy Mai, SHS, Choir
Guadalupe Martinez, NHS, Band
Andrew McClure, SHS, Choir
Sophia McClure, SHS, Choir
Christian McLemore, SHS, Orchestra
Cindy Mendez, NHS, Band
Manuel Mendez, NHS, Choir
Addie Miller, SHS, Band
Edward Molina, NHS, Band
Isaac Montgomery, SHS, Band
Allie Moore, SHS, Choir
Andrew Nguyen, SHS, Orchestra, Chamber Orchestra
Andy Nguyen, NHS, Band, Orchestra
Augustine Nguyen, NHS, Choir
Thomas Nguyen,SHS, Band
MiKayla Nix, SHS, Band
Lucia Ortiz, SHS, Choir
Raul Ortiz, NHS, Band
Christian Parker, SHS, Band
Kevin Phommaha, NHS, Band
A.J. Popa, SHS,Choir
Ronal Ramos, SHS, Band, Orchestra, Chamber Orchestra
Roya Rashidi, SHS, Band
Ethan Rathbun, SHS, Band
Curlin Ray, SHS, Band
Helen Raya, NHS, Band
Johnny Resendiz, NHS, Band, Jazz Band
Myles Rhoden, NHS, Band
Caroline Rhomberg, SHS, Band, Chamber Orchestra
Jennifer Roberts,SHS, Choir
Alexandra Salamone, SHS, Choir
Courtney Seffense, SHS, Band
Ryan Sexton, SHS, Choir
Alex Shipley, SHS, Band
Holly Sivils, NHS, Choir
Drew Smith, SHS, Choir
Gabe Smith, SHS, Band
Caleb Taylor, SHS, Band, Jazz Band, Choir
James Taylor, SHS, Band
Tommy Thavonekham, NHS, Band
Emily Tran, SHS, Orchestra
Khoi Trinh, SHS, Orchestra, Chamber Orchestra
Precious Tucker, NHS, Band
Caitlin Tusing, SHS, Band
Taylor Upshaw, SHS, Choir
Jesse Warren, SHS, Band
Alex Williams, SHS, Choir

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School Board meetings are held on the fourth Monday of each month at 5:30 p.m. in the Service Center Auditorium, located in Building B of the Service Center Complex, 3205 Jenny Lind Road. The meetings are open to the public.

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