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FSPS Students Win PTA Reflections Contest

Thirty-nine students from Fort Smith Public Schools were named winners in the 2012-2013 Arkansas PTA Reflections Contest. Of those, six won first place in their divisions. The Reflections program, sponsored by the National PTA (Parent Teacher Association) encourages creativity among students of all grade levels. The students competed in various categories, including Visual Arts, Dance, Film, Photography, Literature and Music Composition. This year’s Reflections theme was “The Magic of a Moment.” Winners and their families, teachers and administrators will all have the opportunity to attend the Reflections Luncheon on May 3 in Springdale.  Below is a complete list of the winners.

1st Place Reflections Winners

Christopher Lopez, Tilles Elementary, Visual Arts-Primary

Christopher Rotramel, Sutton Elementary, Visual Arts-Intermediate

Lena Pham, Southside High, Film-Senior

Emily Austin, Bonneville Elementary, Literature-Middle/Junior

Allison Thompson, Southside High, Literature-Senior

Cara Shipley, Chaffin Junior High, Literature-Senior

Visual Arts-Primary

Christopher Lopez, Tilles Elementary-1st Place

Erendire Vanegas, Sutton Elementary-2nd Place

Alexa Crowder, Cook Elementary-3rd Place

Kayla Rice, Carnall Elementary-Honorable Mention

Cameron Hayes, Bonneville Elementary-Honorable Mention

Kyle Vega, Barling Elementary-Honorable Mention

Abraham Vargas, Howard Elementary-Honorable Mention

Visual Arts-Intermediate

Christopher Rotramel, Sutton Elementary-1st Place

Trinity Turpin, Beard Elementary-2nd Place

Sophie Collins, Woods Elementary-3rd Place

Lindsey Garretson, Bonneville Elementary-Honorable Mention

Katelyne Thongkham, Sutton Elementary-Honorable Mention

Matt Oetzel, Woods Elementary-Honorable Mention

Visual Arts-Middle/Junior

Amethyst Williams, Woods Elementary-2nd Place

Lowell Matias, Cook Elementary-3rd Place

Dani Mays, Ramsey Junior High-Honorable Mention

Madison Gray, Fairview Elementary-Honorable Mention

Visual Arts-Senior

Tommy Parsith, Southside High-2nd Place

Chloe McDaniel, Chaffin Junior High-Honorable Mention


Maddie Beasley, Chaffin Junior High-3rd Place

Sara Allen, Ramsey Junior High-Honorable Mention


Lena Pham, Southside High-1st Place 


Emily Austin, Bonneville Elementary-1st Place

Turner Grace Edwards, Chaffin Junior High-2nd Place

Jason Nguyen, Chaffin Junior High-3rd Place

Makalyn Fulton, Chaffin Junior High-Honorable Mention

Alex Fenwick, Chaffin Junior High-Honorable Mention

Hayley Sanchez, Chaffin Junior High-Honorable Mention


Allison Thompson, Southside High-1st Place

Cara Shipley, Chaffin Junior High-1st Place

Micaela Winters, Chaffin Junior High-2nd Place

Jessica Elliot, Northside High-3rd Place

Kira Briggs, Chaffin Junior High-Honorable Mention

Matthew Hubbard, Chaffin Junior High-Honorable Mention

Stephanie Ratsamy, Northside High-Honorable Mention

Music Composition-Middle/Junior

Benjamin Keating, Chaffin Junior High-2nd Place

Alexandra Salamone, Chaffin Junior High-3rd Place


Megan Tucker, Southside High-3rd Place

Andrea Johnson, Southside High-Honorable Mention

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