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FSPS Foundation Awards 91 Grants in 2014

The Fort Smith Public Schools Foundation will award more than $60,000 in grants at an upcoming awards celebration. This is the largest amount ever distributed by FSPS Foundation Board in a single year, resulting from a record number of grants reviewed FSPS Foundation Directors. 

With this 2014 distribution, 85 instructional mini-grants, three graduate study awards, one Tom Cooley Space Academy for Educators team award and two Benny L. Gooden/AASA Scholarships are awarded to 105 educators and two graduating seniors. These grants will impact teaching and learning for more than 200 teachers and more than 5,000 students in 19 schools. 

FSPS Foundation Grants are supported by a long list of donors including the Fort Smith Regional Council which sponsors the annual Foundation Awards luncheon which will recognize the following recipients on Wednesday, May 14 at the Movie Lounge's EpiCenter. 

Benny L. Gooden AASA Scholarship

Nicholas Fenby Southside

Christopher Welch Northside

Tom Cooley Space Academy for Educators

Melissa Trangmar Belle Point
Kathy Ewing


Graduate Study

Dana Brooks Tilles

Heather Wall Howard

Tina King Beard

Instructional Mini-Grants

Carie Harri-Buratowski "Building Fluency Barling
through Primary Sources"  

Amy Gordon                       “Extra! Extra!           Barling
Read All About It"

Rhonda McBride                  “Early Bird Theater”           Barling

Elizabeth Buergler               “Scientists in Training” Barling 
Xochilt Barroso
Donna Jones
Melissa Huynh

Elizabeth Buergler               “Mad Science Day”         Barling  
Xochilt Barroso
Donna Jones
Melissa Huynh

Lucy Barnes                   “Oak Savanna En         Barling
plein-air Painting Trip"

Kim Rahi                            “Mound Bound”                   Barling

Kim Rahi                            “Of Memory, & Minis”         Barling

Malarie McFerran                 “Little Readers             Barling 
Shannan Davis for Little Readers"

Rebecca Howe                     “Common Core             Barling
Get'N Go Tubs"  

Carla Mathis                       “Readers are Leaders   Beard
-Million Word Challenge"

Tina King                         “Student Ownership”           Beard

Jacqueline Humphries         “Building a Community”       Beard   

Shannon Rutherford          “Girl Bullying and           Bonneville
Relational Aggression"

Judy Riley      “A Noteworthy Rug to          Bonneville
Create A Noteworthy

Ashley Bain    “MATHterpiece: Bridging     Carnall
Lucy Barnes Art and Mathematics"
Tonya Peters

Meghan Estep                   “Back at the Ranch”           Cavanaugh

Debbie Barclay         “Dickens' Dynamic                Chaffin
Sara Lawrence Devices & Charismatic

Amy Martin                       “Parents as Teachers     Fairview
Kimberly Soto Make the Difference"

Amy Martin                     “It’s a Beautiful Day             Fairview
in the Neighborhood"

Kimberly Soto                 “Physical Education             Fairview
in the Digital Age"

Morgan Kremers         “It's in the Bag! Student       Fairview
Take Home Bags"

Leslie Holland                   “Literacy for Life”              Fairview

Mary McCain “The Polar Express             Fairview
Comes to Life"

Daniel Arnold                   “Magnifying Science”           Fairview

Ginetta Tipton            “Girl Bullying and               Fairview
Relational Aggression"

Sandi Rogers   “Arthropods From              Fairview
"Bug-ginning" to End"

Sandi Rogers                       “Hello, Farm!”               Fairview
Mary McCain

Theresa Frazier           "It Takes Two:    Fairview
Collaboration Among
Parents and Teachers"

Jane Stewart    “Setting Roots for Howard
STEM Careers"

Janice Hoblitzell                 “Planting Skills for Life” Howard
Amber Goff

Jill Jones                    “STEM Exposure” Howard

Shauna Cox                     “Mission Math Facts”       Howard

Amber Newman                 “Look, This is Me!               Howard
Ashley Williamson Fine Arts Project"

Trishalana McVey             “Fall at the Farm:           Howard
Picking Pumpkins"

Kimberly Watkins               “Insects, Mammals, and       Howard
Marilu Laguna Snakes…Oh My!"

Lisa Grace       “Walk A Mile In                 Howard
My Shoes"

Arika Smith     “Look At Me, I Can               Howard
Read! Oh, the Places
It Could Lead!"

Sharon Brown “AR Starts-                     Howard
Helping Struggling
Readers Achieve"

Alice Albright “It’s MORE                       Howard
Than a Story"

Amber Goff                   “Discover Your Own           Howard
Janice Hoblitzell Backyard: The History
of Fort Smith"

Janice Hoblitzell             “Comprehension-                 Howard
It's in the bag!"

Kimberly Vongphachanh        “Focused Technology           Howard
Amber Goff for Success"

Janice Hoblitzell                  “Literacy: The Long             Howard
Amber Goff and Short of It"

Amber Goff                       “Ready, Set, Dough!”           Howard
Janice Hoblitzell
Kimberly Vongphachanh

Amy Pierce                     “Target Language         Kimmons

Connie Dunn                   “Reading: It’s All                 Kimmons
About Teamwork"

Pam Ehnle                   “School Wide Positive         Kimmons
Josh Fonville Behavioral Interventions
Adrienne Holland & Supports"
Jared Meyers
Athena Putman
Sarah Ray
Kelli Remy

Donna Jo East               “Project Bold: Safe               Kimmons
in My World"

Terri Freeny               “No Robot? No Problem!”     Northside

Terri Freeny    “Create, Innovate,               Northside
and Communicate
with Photos"

Mary Baker                     “Wild About Learning!”         Pike
Heather Aguilar
Amy Brotherton
Angela Nigh

Mary Baker                   “Kindergarten Camp”         Pike
Heather Aguilar
Amy Brotherton
Angela Nigh

Teresa Freeman           “National Quiz Bowl           Ramsey
Barbara Dalke Tournament Chicago"

Donna Keller                     “December Adventure     Spradling
Jennie Beshears in the Country"
Laura Rippy
Connie Copley

Teena Crotty "Lego Connections Sunnymede
in Science and

Janet Williamson "From Sunnymede               Sunnymede
to Broadway"

Carolyn Smith "Girl Bullying and Sunnymede
Relational Aggression"

Amy House                 “Aha! Math & Science”        Sutton

Deborah Boutin          “A Great Way to             Sutton
Expand Your Horizons"

Jennie Mathews          “Building a HABIT                Sutton
for Reading"

Jennie Mathews       “It’s About Drama!”            Sutton

Jeannette Zirbel                 “Take me to the Show”     Sutton
Anita Stroh
Kellie Moye

Anita Stroh                   “National Geographic         Sutton
Kellie Moye Explorer Magazine"
Jeannette Zirbel

Kellie Moye                 “Come Explore with Me”       Sutton
Jeannette Zirbel
Anita Stroh

Julia Coleman                   “Nature Trek”                     Sutton
Caryn Glenn
Juli Hough

Julia Coleman             “Building Bookworms”         Sutton
Caryn Glenn
Juli Hough

Candice Ketchum           “Play that Funky             Sutton
Bass Line"

Amber Thomason               “Life Cycles, Learning,         Trusty
and Laughter"

Rachel Burton                   “Soaring into Science” Trusty

Lindsay Friend             “Super Scientists”               Trusty

Jennifer Howald                 "Poetry Slam Café             Woods
Jenny Holland Night"
Danielle Wheeler

Marie Hunt                     “Pumpkins, Pumpkins,          Woods
Brenda Kesner How Do You Grow?"
Jennifer Schwartz

Marie Hunt                     “Read It, Write It                 Woods
Brenda Kesner Store It"
Jennifer Schwartz

Shawna Morganflash           “Digging into Science”         Woods
Valerie Adair

Jenny Holland                     “Arkansas: The Salt             Woods
Jennifer Howald of the Earth"
Danielle Wheeler

Jenny Holland                     “Boxing Up the                   Woods
Louisana Purchase"

Patti Hill                             “Pickin’ and Grinnin’”            Woods

Jennifer Howald               “Wild Things Farm               Woods
Jenny Holland Where the Natural
Danielle Wheeler Resources Are"

Lisa McKim                       “Making Sense of                 Woods
Debra Ellison Mathematics"

Melissa Fretheim             “Dollars and Sense”           Woods
Debbie James

Jenny Holland                   “Who Would Win?”             Woods
Jennifer Howald
Danielle Wheeler
Shawna Morganflash
Valerie Adair

Diane Isaacs               “Mad Science in                   Woods
Darcy Wollscheid the Fort!"

Steve Brown                     “Fit for Life”                     Woods
Deborah Gooch
Brandy Jones
Velta Schluterman

Diane Isaacs               “Family Monopoly                Woods
Tammy Chase Night or Where did
Debra Ellison My Money Go?
Debbie James
Hannah Massey                                                              

School Board meetings are held on the fourth Monday of each month at 5:30 p.m. in the Service Center Auditorium, located in Building B of the Service Center Complex, 3205 Jenny Lind Road. The meetings are open to the public.


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School Board meetings are held on the fourth Monday of each month at 5:30 p.m. in the Service Center Auditorium, located in Building B of the Service Center Complex, 3205 Jenny Lind Road. The meetings are open to the public.

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