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Staff 2016

Hank Needham - Principal

Hannah Clifton - Preschool

Merideth Evans - Preschool Paraprofessional

Abbi Peoples - Kindergarten

Melissa Wesson - Kindergarten

Meghan Estep - 1st Grade

Amanda Shelton - 1st Grade

Brittany Faulkner - 2nd Grade

Amanda Cassat - 2nd Grade

Natasha Shoate - 3rd Grade

Janice Bower - 3rd Grade

Jennifer Foster - 4th Grade

Rachel Pendleton - 4th Grade

Crissy Pierce - 5th Grade

Donna Morse - 6th Grade

Janelle Bray - Special Education Resource Room

Hillaree Tiffee - Occupational Therapist


Tammie Bielser - K - 3rd Special Class  

Yolanda Bell - 4th - 6th Special Class

Cindy Rickner - Paraprofessional

Donna Woods - Paraprofessional

Leigha Graham -  Speech/Language Pathologist

Tiffany Mouada - Counselor

Kristen Holloway - Gifted/Talented

Manon Arnold -  Interventionist

Beth Parker - Interventionist

Kyra Frederick - Literacy Facilitator

Kacee Kareus - Math Facilitator

Laurie Baldridge - Science Facilitator

Dacie Rau - Media Specialist

Tammy Keller - Media Clerk (.50)

Jodi Perry - Music

Tyler Huntington - Music (P/T)

Vickie Lemp - Art

Lisa Sellers - Art (P/T)

Alyson Mason - PE

Karen Bradney - PE (P/T)

Alwina Freeman - PE Paraprofessional

Melinda Yowell - PE Paraprofessional (P/T)

Ana Minden - ELL/Title VII

Valerie Gaunt - Secretary

Ashley Morocco - Secretary (.50)

Cindy Mitchell - Nurse

Lee Gaston - Custodian

Shawn Norvell - Custodian

Pam Peerson - Child Nutrition Manager

Sandra Palafox - Child Nutrition

Rebecca Woodruff - Child Nutrition 

1025 School Street, 72908-8093 • Phone 646-1131 • FAX 648-8297

This School is accredited by the North Central Association and the Arkansas Department of Education.

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In compliance with federal nondiscrimination laws, the Fort Smith Public School District does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, religion, genetic information, or disability in its employment or educational practices. If you have questions regarding the professional qualifications of your child's teachers or paraprofessionals, you are encouraged to ask Mr. Martin Mahan, Executive Director of Human Resources. • Le invitamos a que hable con la Senor Martin Mahan si usted tiene alguna pregunta sobre las capacitaciones profesionales de los maestros o asistentes de maestros de sus hijos.

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