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 Greetings from the Principal:

Morrison Elementary School has often been referred to as a “hidden gem” in Fort Smith.  Today, our previously small school has doubled in size after a major renovation and addition that has provided us with extra space and a beautiful learning environment.  Although we are proud of our beautiful building, we are most proud of our students, staff, parents, and community.

At Morrison, we believe that we are all one large family.  We strive to instill not only academic skills but also social skills that are vital to be a successful member of society.  From our morning meetings to the signs throughout the building our motto is “We are SAFE, RESPECTFUL, and RESPONSIBLE.”  Morrison Elementary has an academic curriculum that will provide students with a variety of skills.  Morrison is on the cutting edge of teaching technology.  All of our students have access to a laptop.  In addition to teaching students how to use the laptops for research, we are extending our program to teach coding and programming beginning in Kindergarten.  Our other programs include art classes, music classes, chess club, a news team, a leadership council, and a school choir.  

At Morrison, we value parental involvement.  In 2016-2017, our PTA won the Golden Leaf Award by having the largest membership growth of any unit in Arkansas.  We welcome parents to our campus and firmly believe that their support makes us a successful school. 

Another strength of our school is our diversity.  We proudly share the unique backgrounds of our school family at our annual Celebrate Freedom Night.  From music and art to a variety of foods, we celebrate our rich culture.  Parents at Morrison are welcome to attend our English Education program on our campus every day as a part of our Family Literacy Program.  Child care and English classes are provided at no cost to any parent who would like to participate in the program.  

Although our school is not so hidden anymore, we are truly a unique gem.    

Britney Ballin, Principal                                                                         





Mission Statement
Our mission at Morrison is to instill the love of learning by empowering our students to achieve personal and academic success. 


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This School is accredited by the North Central Association and the Arkansas Department of Education.

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