Certified Personnel

Alspach, Janet   Special Education
Ayala, Isabel    Foreign Language
Barker, Jessie   Special Education
Barnett, Sayuri   Science
Been, Kristin   Math 
Beaver, Brian   School Resource Officer
Bishop, Susan   English
Bodnar, Paula    English 
Brewer, Valerie    Science 
Brinkley, Aimee    Science 
Briscoe, Melinda    Career/Technical 
Burnett, Eric    Physical Education 
Bush, Rusty    Physical Education 
Byers, Mark    Foreign Language 
Carmack, Mike   Construction
Carty, Marquita    Math 
Coats, Adam    Fine Arts 
Coats, April   Career and Technical
Coats, Zach   Science
Cole, Dana   Career/Technical 
Cole, Debra    Special Education 
Condry, Melissa   Science
Crane, Mark    Social Studies
Craig, Jenny    Career/Technical 
Currie, Lee   English
Curry, Felix   Physical Education
Daniel, Barbara    Counselor 
 Davis, Chris    Assistant Principal
Davis, Deborah    Math 
DeArmond, Brenda    School Nurse 
Denney, Stacie    English 
Dillman, LaDawna    Fine Arts 
Dooley, Satina    Math 
Dooly, Dustin Dr.   Foreign Language
Durham, Aaron    Fine Arts 
East, Barry        Math 
 Elbon, Jason   Science
 Elmore, Brandon   Math
Emms, Julie    Math 
Fairfield, Amy    Fine Arts
Falleur, Mike   Athletic Director/Coach
 Featherston, Katie   Fine Arts/Choral
Fischer, Amy   Career/Technical
Flatte, Jodee    Instructional Facilitator 
Fletcher, Ken   Career/Technical 
Foster, Kristin    English
Fowler, Robyn    Foreign Language/Drama 
Frazier, Chad    Physical Education 
Freeny, Terri    Instructional Facilitator 
French, Leah   Media Specialist
Fry, Brian    Physical Education 
Fry, Seane   JROTC
Furlow, Shelley    Special Education 
Goode, Ben    Enrichment 
Grant, Randa   Social Studies/Coach
 Griffey, Deanna   Counselor
Hall, Audrey Lowrey   Math 
Hansen, Ed    Career/Technical
Hardcastle, Courtney    Math 
Harlan, Lindsey    Career/Technical 
Harrison, Anna   Instructional Facilitator
Hartwig, Gary    Math 
Hasley, Leigh-Ann   Photography/Yearbook 
 Hays, Kelly    Career/Technical
Henry, Barry    Math 
Hess, Stacy    Science 
 Holland, Linda    Business
Hollimon, Cee Cee   Career/Technical 
Holwick, Angela    Science
Hornung, Ben   Social Studies
Howard, Corey    Science
Huber, Shannon    English 
Hughes, Mike    Science 
Hyatt, Martin    Social Studies  
 Jennings, Olivia    Career/Techincal
Johnson, Michael   Science
Jones, Tony   Assistant Principal
 Kasworm, Cheyenne    English
Kleman, Julie    Science  
Law, Tara   English
Lee, Sue   Special Education
Lewis, Jeffery    Science  
Lindenau, Sherry                       Social Studies 
Little, David   Social Studies  
Lowdermilk, Steve    JROTC  
Lowrey, Kaylee   English
Maciel, Mauricio   Foreign Language/Soccer
Mankin, Sissie    English  
Manley, Gordon    Fine Arts / Band Director  
Mann, Daneen    Science  
Marshell, Linda   Social Studies
Martinez, Ana    Counselor
May, Julia    Physical Education   
Meharg, Jason   JROTC   
McAdams, Linda    Career and Technology
McClure, Claire    Social Studies   
McDonald, Ginni Dr.   Principal   
 Molder, Brad    English
Mondier, Matthew    Social Studies   
Moose, Carla    Counselor 
 Nickell, Kelly    ELLSocial Studies/Coach
Norris, Chelsea    Social Studies   
Peer, Wendy    Social Studies   
 Peerbolte, Cara    English/N'Stepper
Ray, Brad   Assistant Principal
Relland, Michael   Orchestra/Fine Arts
Riggins, Sherry    Physical Ed/Trainer   
Rinehart, Meghan   English/Cheer
 Robison, Kerbi   Math
Rogers, Kathy    Math   
Rosen, Lynn    English
 Scott, Greg    Physical Education
Shaffer, Eric   Physical Education
Sherrard, Rhonda    JAG/Cheerleaders   
Simmons, Ben    English
Smith, Billy    Physical Education   
Smith, Kathy    Math   
Smith, Nancy    Media Specialist 
Smith, Rickey    Physical Education   
Smyth, Deborah   Foreign Language
Solley, Ryan    Physical Education   
Steele, Jennifer   Assistant Principal
Taylor, Duff    English   
Thomas, Linda    Math   
 Thomas, Steve    JROTC
Thompson, Scott    Physical Education   
Thrower, Frederick    Math   
Tomlin, Sarah   Science
Uhrich, Joshua    Fine Arts/Band
Vicens-Nash, Karen   Counselor
Waack, Matt   Physical Education
Weisenfels, Elizabeth    English
 Young, Lee    Fine Arts
Zeiger, Nancy   Special Education

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In compliance with federal nondiscrimination laws, the Fort Smith Public School District does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, religion, genetic information, or disability in its employment or educational practices. If you have questions regarding the professional qualifications of your child's teachers or paraprofessionals, you are encouraged to ask Dr. Annette Henderson, Associate Superintendent for Human Resources and Support Services. • Le invitamos a que hable con la Dra. Annette Henderson si usted tiene alguna pregunta sobre las capacitaciones profesionales de los maestros o asistentes de maestros de sus hijos.

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