• Mission

    Ensuring high levels of learning- every student, every day.  



    Our purpose is to provide a safe learning environment which

    ensures equity and prepares our students for the future.



    We envision Morrison Elementary as a place where staff and students: 

    • Collaborate to achieve our mission 

    • Embrace challenges and vulnerabilities

    • Take responsibility for self-growth 

    • Show enthusiasm for learning

    • Celebrate progress and achievements

    • Foster social and emotional skills


    Core Beliefs

    We insist on using language proficiency levels to understand and plan instruction for our students.

    We know and understand our students as evidenced by the following:

    We value each child and their culture.

    We are knowledgeable about each child’s first language.

    We plan instruction that is culturally relevant for each student.

    We have high expectations for all students.  

    We are proactive in building positive relationships with all families.  

    We make a conscious effort to understand and respect varying perspectives of students and families.