• "Tilles Elementary builds its students to be great, to push themselves, to never give up, and to be the best they can be. This school is the place where I met my truest friends and my favorite teacher. Tilles Elementary will forever be my home." - Aaliyah Simpson, former student

    "When I moved to Tilles I made friends my first day, the teachers helped me out so much. My time at Tilles meant making memories, learning, and experiencing working together with others. I was always a shy person and at Tilles I felt comfortable enough to do the science fair, sing for the Christmas CD's, and even ask for help when I needed it. The friends I made and teachers I met changed my life. They not only get you ready for Jr. High, they get you ready for the experiences that come with it. The scary test, the activities that come with it, and preparing you for a future. I loved my time at Tilles." - Diana Pedraza, former student


    6th Grade Collaboration

    Welcome to Tilles Elementary School, home of the Tilles Tigers! When you walk into our building, you will experience a safe, welcoming environment that encourages young minds to reach their fullest potential. Cultural diversity, problem solving, and collaboration among students and staff are part of what makes Tilles a strong family of learners. Our students can be observed engaging in challenging, real-life learning that is focused on being prepared for success in the future. Tilles Elementary offers a well-rounded approach to education with a strong emphasis in authentic learning through technology-based activities. When you visit our school and learn about all of the unique learning opportunities and experiences Tilles offers, you will understand why our staff, students, and parents say, "Once a Tiger, Always a Tiger!"