• Our Mission

    At Tilles Elementary, we provide all students with the skills and opportunities they will need to ensure a successful future.


    Our Vision


    The School

    • Tilles will provide a safe, clean, inviting atmosphere for parents, staff, and students
    • Students will be given equal opportunity to meet their goals
    • Tilles will showcase the successes and diversity of our students
    • Technology is available and utilized in all classrooms
    • The playground has ample age-appropriate equipment to ensure productive physical activity
    • Teachers provide instruction which is integrated with all disciplines including the arts and specialty areas
    • Tilles staff members provide an environment that is conducive to parent and community involvement

    The Students

    • are accepted as unique individuals who are motivated, self-confident, and well-adjusted
    • are respectful of self, peers, adults, and the environment
    • have sufficient background knowledge and positive parental support
    • are prepared, eager to learn, and are leaders in class
    • have high ambitions and desire academic excellence

    The Teachers

    • are life-long learners who believe their students will meet high expectations
    • promote effective communication for parents and community
    • are well trained individuals who are highly qualified to implement the best practices while being compassionate, dedicated, and flexible
    • create an organized and nurturing classroom environment where diversity and cultural awareness are respected

    The Principals

    • are fair, supportive, and available to students and staff
    • are knowledgeable, instructional leaders who have high expectations for all stakeholders
    • are models for positive attitude and respectfulness
    • demonstrate genuine concern for staff, students, and parents
    • provide encouragement and feedback to teachers, students, and parents