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    At Tilles Elementary, the Fort Smith Public Schools provides students the opportunity to participate in a digital conversion program where students are issued chromebook devices for school and home use. This is an innovative approach where learners have access to a rich array of technological tools intended to enhance both teaching and learning.

    PurposeStudent Collaboration

    Our purpose is building foundations in 
              critical thinking and

    Students will demonstrate digital citizenship by learning and following responsible behavior. Using technology allows students to learn at their full potential and prepares them for the real-world applications of their learning in college and the workplace. Digital learning integrates technology into the curriculum anytime, anyplace. Learning results from the dynamic interaction among students, educators, parents, and the extended community. Digital learning encourages students to solve problems and think critically by stimulating analytical thinking. Technology transforms the teacher from a director of learning to a facilitator of learning. 

    Student Expectations

    Students are expected to bring their chromebook devices to school every day, fully charged. There will be limited access to power charging areas in school. Students will continues to be accountable for the learning in all classes with or without their device. Repeated violations of this policy will result in disciplinary action.

    Students should be prepared to provide their own headphones to be used during instructional time, or have their sound muted to respect all other students, unless explicitly permitted by the teacher. 

    Software updates may occur during school hours at the request of teachers or technology staff members. In rare instances, students may be asked to leave their devices at school overnight or over a weekend in order to perform updates. Teachers will be notified before software updates occur to ensure adequate planning.

    Distribution & Collection of Chromebooks

    Chromebooks will be distributed to students at the beginning of each fall semester, or as new students are registered throughout the school year. These devices, and all accessories, will then be collected at the conclusion of the school year for appropriate hardware and software maintenance. In subsequent years, returning students will receive the same device they were issued the previous school year. 

    Students will be allowed to carry their own backpack for the 2019-2020 school year.  If you choose to purchase your own backpack, it is important to to purchase a backpack that will hold a chrome book that is 12 inches by 8 ½ inches. Also, the backpack must include a padded laptop compartment designed to protect technology tools. If you choose to continue to use the school issued backpack, they will be available to students at no cost. 


    Students are allowed to personalize their desktop or screensavers. However, the use of inappropriate language or photographs is prohibited and could result in disciplinary action or restriction of chromebook privileges. 

    Proper Care Guidelines

    Proper care and storage of student chromebook devices are the responsibility of each individual student. A proper carrying case is provided, in which the chromebook and all accessories should be stored when not in use. Other care tips include: 

    • Chromebooks should not be left in the extreme heat or extreme cold.
    • The device should not be left in a vehicle or other unsecured location.
    • Do not place any item or object on top of the device when not in use.
    • Keep food and drinks away from the chromebook.
    • The use of cleaning products, including but not limited to, abrasive cloths, sponges, or liquid cleaners to clean the screen or exterior of the devices is strictly prohibited. Only use a soft, lint-free microfiber cloth. 
    • Do not write on or place any adhesive items such as stickers to any surface of the device, its carrying case, or any of its accessories.
    • Do not remove any serial number labels or labels applied by the district.
    • When carrying or transporting the device, ensure it is in the proper carrying case with the zipper closed.
    • Do not drop the device or bump it against any hard surface.
    • Do not place or leave the device on the floor where it may be stepped on or tripped over.

    LCD Screens

    LCD screens are extremely sensitive and fragile. Please adhere to the following list of guidelines with specific regard to the LCD screens:

    • Do not lean on, press on, or place any object on top of the device when it is closed. 
    • Do not put any item, including papers, on the device keyboard before closing the lid.
    • Do not put any magnet or magnetized object on or near the device or its screen.
    • Do not attempt to use any type of pencil, pointer, or stylus on the device screen.
    • Clean the device screen with a soft, lint-free or anti-static cloth and do not use any liquid or abrasive cleaners or substances.

    Click here to access the Student Digital Conversion Agreement.  (Spanish Version) Signatures are required before students may take the device off campus.