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    The English Language Learner (ELL) Program, supported in part by Title III Federal funds, is designed to assist students who are non-English speaking or limited-English proficient.  Our goal is for these students to learn English as quickly as possible so that they may achieve the same academic standards as their native English speaking peers.  Licensed teachers and trained paraprofessionals work with students to increase their language skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing. Professional development is provided for school staff to support the language development and content-learning of English language learners.  In addition, support is provided for the parents to be fully engaged in their child's education by providing them with information and translation services.

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    Parker Center ELL Program Staff (479) 784-8182, (phone extensions are in parentheses)

    • Mary Bellah, Supervisor of Special Programs (3514)
    • Toni Bullard, Secretary to Supervisor (3562)
    • Ralph Sattazahn, ELL Assessment and Migrant Education Coordinator (3525)
    • Amanda Butler, ELL Elementary Coordinator (3520)
    • Ines Robles-Hough, ELL Secondary Coordinator (3531)
    • Jennifer Wortham, ELL Financial Secretary (3516)
    • Dorothy Chandler, ELL Records Clerk/Secretary to Content Coordinators (3517)
    • Juana Picazo, ELL/Migrant Secretary (3528)
    • George Griffiths, Spanish Translator and Liaison (3524)