• Concurrent Credit Courses

    Northside and Southside Juniors and Seniors

    In partnership with UAFS, these Concurrent Credit Classes are offered free of charge to participating students:

    • English Comp I & II
    • College Algebra
    • General Psychology
    • Introduction to Sociology
    • Introduction to Speech Communication
    • Humanities Through the Arts
    • US History II
    • Introduction to Educational Foundations
    • Civilization of the World 1500-Present

    Concurrent Credit classes will be taught on the Northside and Southside campuses during the student's regular daily schedule.

    Students will have the opportunity to sign-up for these classes when they select their coursework for the coming school year. At that time, UAFS instructors will be scheduled to teach these Concurrent Credit classes according to the demand for particular subjects at each high school.

    Contact your school counselor for detailed information about this opportunity. Students who wish to take Concurrent Credit classes must have a 19 or higher on the ACT, and be formally admitted to UAFS through the standard UAFS application process.