Career and Technical Education

career tech education
  • Fort Smith Public Schools understands that college isn’t for every student. That’s why FSPS provides students with an early, future-focused journey, introducing them to diverse career paths aligned with their interests and abilities.

    Career Exploration and Journey

    The district offers engaging activities such as school-wide and grade-specific career fairs for students in grades K-5. The program progresses in grades 6-8, where students explore various career fields through a comprehensive Career Connections course. Eighth-grade students focus on career planning, setting a solid foundation for the transition to high school. In grades 10-12, students enroll in specialized programs of study, preparing them for future careers. The district is committed to expanding the program, using various tools to identify aptitudes and interests, and ensuring students graduate with a precise skill set and career plan.

    Industry Certifications and Internships Leading to Future Jobs

    Fort Smith Public Schools students may opt to attend the Peak Innovation Center, where they can earn industry-specific certifications and an associate’s degree for FREE. The district also works with local area businesses to create internships for students to earn even more experience before they graduate high school.

    Fort Smith Public Schools' Career and Technical Education plays a vital role in shaping well-rounded individuals with the skills and knowledge needed to navigate life after high school and become productive members of society.

    2024-2025 CTE Course Catalog

    Career & Technology Education Pathways


Health Sciences
Advanced Manufacturing
business mangement
information technology
Human Services
arts & communications
  • Naviance is comprehensive K-12 College and Career Planning tool. Students use Naviance to plan for high school, build a digital portfolio, and prepare for life after graduation. Students can align their strengths and interests with their learning goals and career aspirations. Students have accounts beginning in the 7th grade and for one year beyond graduation. Students can login to Naviance, through Clever. Parent accounts are available for each of their children in the Fort Smith Public School system. The username and passwords are available through your child's school counselor.