Protecting Our Future: Dedicated Support for Student Safety

  • The Fort Smith Public Schools Police Department (FSPS) is an important piece of our district’s commitment to safety within our educational community. Under the leadership of Chief Bill Hollenbeck, our team of 17 full-time certified officers, 2 part-time officers, a dispatcher/office administrative assistant, and a full-time social worker is dedicated to ensuring a secure and supportive environment for every student and staff member.

    Spanning across 27 school campuses, the department works in unison with school administrators to cultivate a safe and nurturing learning environment. Our officers are more than just guardians; they are integral members of the school community.

Components of School Safety

  • Police Presence and Response
  • Access Control for Enhanced Security
  • Regular Building Safety Audits
  • Surveillance Camera System
  • Weapons Detection Research
  • Crisis and Reunification Plans