SNPAA Committee

  • School Nutrition and Physical Activity Advisory 

    Membership 2020-2021
    Leigh Christian
    Director of Child Nutrition, student nutrition

    Tammy Chase
    Assistant Principal, school administration

    Jeanne Carroll
    Homeless Liaison, classified

    Susan Coon
    Coordinator-Special Education, certified 

    Alyson Mason
    PE Coordinator, elementary certified

    Cindy Mitchell
    Head Nurse, nurses

    Yvonne Keaton-Martin
    School Board, FSPS

    Kimberly Kiehl-Soto
    PE Coordinator, elementary certified

    Martha McEntire
    Coordinator of Operations Child Nutrition, student nutrition

    Sharla Whitson
    Principal-Elementary, school administration

    Sharon Thomas
    Secretary, Child Nutrition

    Charolette Tidwell
    Antioch for Youth and Family

    Heather Sanders
    Community Rescue Mission

    Dr. Michael Farrell
    Supervisor of Student Services

     Jazlyn Hartgraves
    Northside High School Student

    The SNPAA Committee meets in September, December, February, and April as well as for called meetings of ad hoc committees. Specific dates are posted on the FSPS calendar. Parents, students, district personnel, and community members are invited to attend SNPAA committee meetings.



     2020-2021 Wellness Meetings and Minutes