• Gifted and Talented Education (GATE)

    Mission Statement

    Educators and administrators of the Fort Smith School District are committed to providing a rigorous academic environment to meet the educational needs of advanced learners. Gifted programming is an ongoing process through which we develop the emerging strengths of each identified students in intellect, motivation, and creativity. By offering differentiated instruction and opportunities, the students will become competent and productive citizens.

    The Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) Program provides enrichment and advanced learning opportunities to students who have been identified as having or possessing the potential for academic gifts and talents. Through classes designed to meet the unique needs of these students and taught by GT specialists, skills in high-order thinking, creativity, and leadership are developed and enhanced along with career exploration matching individual interests and abilities. Learning activities are differentiated for the students in choice of content, process, and product. In addition, students may participate in academic competitions.

    The structure of these classes progresses as follows:
    Elementary: weekly pull-out sessions
    Junior High: daily special class and pre-Advanced Placement classes
    Senior High: pre-Advanced Placement and Advanced Placement classes.

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    Parker Center Gate Program Staff (479-784-8182, phone extensions are in parentheses)

    Mary Bellah, Supervisor of Special Programs (3514)

    Toni Bullard, Secretary to Supervisor (3562)

    Advanced Placement Supervisor
    Dr. Ginni McDonald, Director of Secondary Education (479-785-2501, ext. 1262)

Elementary GATE Specialists: Lorie Horn, Susan Etzkorn, Tammy Irons, Rhonda Solley, Kristen Holloway, Bill Becker