• Our Mission

    Providing a comprehensive, equitable, and data-driven school counseling program for all students. School counselors engage with students in academic, career, and social emotional learning to empower them to learn and grow to ultimately make a positive impact on their culturally diverse community.  Program development is driven by collaboration with stakeholders to identify student needs through data and consulting with administrators to foster student success.  This allows us to close achievement, opportunity and attainment gaps to ensure successful outcomes, equity and sustainable positive long range results for all students.

  • Our Vision

    All Darby Middle School students will complete a high quality education to achieve their goals and endeavors.  They are equipped with the skills necessary to grow, learn and take on the challenges of a diverse and rapidly changing world.  Students from our school are competent, resilient, and responsible individuals who appreciate the differences in others and value the impact of utilizing positive social and emotional coping strategies.  As adults, they feel competent in their academic, career and social emotional skills to make a positive impact on their community.