• Governor Asa Hutchinson created Restore Hope Arkansas in response to two separate but related crises: An unprecedented growth in the state’s prison system and a rise in the need for foster care for the state’s most vulnerable kids. The Restore Hope team is a local alliance of invested community members building key community and statewide partnerships. The partnerships enable better support for preexisting services and to think outside the box in creating data-driven pilot programs.

    Community Diversion

    To better serve the adults coming through our court system, the Fort Smith Adult Education Center directly serves this important population with opportunities to get a GED diploma or prepare for a career. In addition to the adult basic education, GED preparation and testing services we currently offer, we provide career readiness instruction and digital literacy in our 40 to 50-hour Career Pathways Certificate, including emphasis in:

    • Exploring careers
    • Job search strategies
    • Applying for a job
    • Interview strategies
    • Employer expectations
    • Job performance factors
    • Customer service
    • Problem solving and critical thinking
    • Financial literacy
    • Health literacy
    • PC basic skills
    • Windows 10 basics
    • Basic word processing
    • Basic spreadsheets

    Students are met in court by our staff or volunteers from First Presbyterian Church in Fort Smith, and if appropriate, the judge can allow them to attend our center in lieu of community service.