• Elementary School 

    • The Second Step curriculum is evidence-based lessons that teach empathy, emotion management, and problem-solving that the School Counselors provide to every Fort Smith Public Schools elementary student. 
    • Bullying
      • Elementary Counselors provide evidence-based lessons that teach students emotion management, problem-solving, empathy, friendship building, and assertiveness. These lessons provide the necessary skills to resist bullying, along with practice and real-world scenarios. 

    Junior High/Middle School

    • Middle School Counselors teach evidence-based lessons on kindness, coping skills, conflict resolution, and anger management through the Second Step curriculum. 
    • Jesse Lewis: Choose Love

    High School

    • Jostens: The Harbor curriculum teaches students to identify stressors and learn coping strategies to manage stress and anxiety. 
    • Naviance

    Belle Point Alternative School

    • Second Step
    • Boys Town Social Skills in School
    • The Harbor - 5-minute videos and classroom guided discussion questions - Weekly - 2019-2020 topics examples: technology, unlocking your potential, equity vs equality, attitude, self-worth, meaningful conversations, showing up, grief, and balance
    • Naviance - College, Career, and Life Readiness - 11th-grade SEL curriculum example: What makes me unique, my career goals, extracurricular activities, challenging myself, my test prep plan, financial aid options.