Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a School Based Health Center (SBHC)?

    • A healthcare facility located in or next to a school
    • Presents a coordinated model for health and education
    • Provides students access to high-quality healthcare where they are - a school environment that is safe, convenient, and accessible
    • SBHCs have been shown to reduce barriers to learning, such as absenteeism, issues with acute and chronic illnesses, mental health issues, and trauma.
    • SBHCs make it easier for students to learn and teachers to teach without unnecessarily interrupting students’ classroom time.

    What range of services does the SBHC on the Darby Campus provide?

    Physical health services and Emotional/Mental Health services are available.

    Physical Health Services provided by our partner, Mercy Clinic Fort Smith, may include but are not limited to:

    • Routine physical exams, including sports physicals
    • Diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic illness
    • Treatment of minor injuries
    • Vision, hearing, and medical screening
    • Age-appropriate reproductive health services with parent approval (abstinence counseling, education, exams, and referrals) 
    • Immunizations
    • Laboratory testing
    • Health education, counseling, and wellness promotion
    • Nutrition education and weight management
    • Telemedicine
    • Prescription medications
    • Classroom presentations
    • Referrals for services not provided at the School Based Health Center 

    Emotional/Mental Health Services provided by our partner, Western Arkansas Counseling and Guidance Center, may include but are not limited to:

    • Mental Health awareness
    • Outreach, including suicide prevention
    • Screening for depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and other mental health conditions
    • Behavioral Health care, including assessment, treatment, referral, and crisis intervention; individual, group, and family therapy; Qualified Behavioral Health Provider services; and social service assessment, referral, and follow-up as needed

    Will the SBHC serve all students regardless of their ability to pay?

    • Yes. Wellness and preventive care is prioritized over costs.  Insurance will be billed for covered students.
    • SBHC staff can help students and families navigate the application process for ARKids/Medicaid when appropriate.

    What are the benefits to our school and community for having an SBHC?

    • Reduce barriers to learning, such as absenteeism, acute and chronic illness detection and management, mental health issues, and trauma.
    • Eliminate barriers to care that many families face, such as lack of transportation or missed work.

    How is the SBHC funded?

    • The SBHC on Darby Campus received a 5-year Arkansas School Based Health Center grant. Other grants and donations will be sought.

    Do School Based Health Centers interfere with parental authority?

    • No. Written parental or guardian consent is required for all students. Parents are encouraged to attend and/or be involved in the students’ care.

    How can I get more information about the SBHC on the Darby Campus?

    • You may call Kerri Tucker, the SBHC Coordinator, at 479-785-2501 ext. 91406 or email  Nurse Ridenour at Darby and Nurse Brewer at Tilles can also provide information and can assist in the referral process.