How It Works

  • The School-Based Health Center at Darby and Tilles makes going to the doctor as simple as walking down the hall or across the campus! We believe in providing students access to healthcare at school so they can be in an even better position to learn.

    Here's how the SBHC works:

    • You enroll your student with the SBHC by completing the registration and enrollment form. You can access the form by clicking the 'Forms' tab or by picking up a printed copy at the SBHC. 
    • Once enrolled, your student will have access to all the physical and mental health services provided by the SBHC. 

    It's as easy as that! When your student needs to visit the doctor, the SBHC is there.

    • If your student has a primary care provider outside of school, the SBHC will work with your doctor to deliver consistent care.
    • If your student does not have a primary care provider outside of school, the SBHC can offer your student care as the primary care provider. 


    Registration Information

    It's easy to register and enroll! 

    Complete and Sign Registration Forms

    Students can use any School Based Health Center service after a parent or guardian completes and signs the registration forms for the school-based health center. Registration packets are available on the SBHC website or at the School-Based Health Center. Completing forms in advance and having them on file is recommended. This allows the student to be seen without delay if they become ill.

    Return Completed and Signed Registration Forms

    Completed and signed forms can be delivered by the student or parent or emailed to the confidential email address There are two Release of Information Forms in the packet.  Please complete one for your primary care physician if you have one established and one for the school nurse if the registration is for a student. Registration forms will be renewed annually.

    Begin Services

    If a student becomes ill while at school, access to the School Based Health Center will be through the school nurse.  Family members of a student or staff and staff members, please contact the SBHC to schedule an appointment at 479-784-8131. The School Based Health Center encourages all students to include their parent/guardian in their health care decisions. Arkansas law (Ark.Code Ann.§ 20-9-602 (2012) and § 20-16-508 (2012)) does not require consent for examination and treatment of STDs, pregnancy, or childbirth. If you have questions or concerns, please contact the health center. 


  • Thank you to Grizzly News Network for creating this informational video about the School-Based Health Center!