Meet Our Team

  •                                                                                                                Meet Cindy Booth, APRN.

        Catherine Owen, School-Based Health Center Support Staff        




    Kerri Tucker (FSPS, SBHC Coordinator), Catherine Owen (FSPS, SBHC Support Staff), Michael Farrell (FSPS, Administrator), Kerri Rathbun (FSPS, Administrator), Zena Featherston (FSPS, Administrator), Colonel Jason Maherg (FSPS, Darby Principal), Dana Brooks (FSPS, Tilles Principal), Jadyn McGrew (Harbor House), Katherine Chitwood (Harbor House), Katie Priest (Harbor House), Meghan Ketter (Harbor House), Ann Glover (DHS), Shaw Nee Tichenor (UADA), Tristin Bolton (UADA), Roxanne Brewer (FSPS, Tilles Nurse), Charlie Ridenour (FSPS, Darby Nurse), Cherri Byford (FSPS, Darby Counselor), Katie Kreimer-Hall (Immaculate Conception School, Principal), Joni Padilla (ADH), Matthew Hicks (ADH), Lavonna Proctor (ADH), Sandra Brigance (AD), Ana Funes (FSPS, Parent Representative), Charity Thomas (Mercy, Clinic Manager).

    Health status and academic achievement are connected with the life of a child. Conditions such as chronic illness, physical inactivity, unhealthy eating, child abuse, food insecurity, and other health-related conditions have been linked to poor academic outcomes. In turn, students and adults who achieve less academic success are more likely to have long-term health challenges. Responsibility for the physical, emotional, social, mental, and intellectual health of our youth belongs to their families and the community. 

    In order to have the best possible School-Based Health Center, the Fort Smith Public School District established an advisory board to assist the Fort Smith Public School District with the community integration of the School-Based Health Center services and to advise the School Based Health Center on policy and program matters. The advisory board will advise and support the School Based Health Center’s efforts to deliver services that improve the medical, social, emotional, and behavioral health of students, as well as minimize the effects of poverty and other adverse experiences for students, staff, and families. 

    The advisory board includes parents, teachers, school administrators, business representatives, health professionals, and other concerned citizens interested in the health and welfare of the FSPS children.

    We are thankful for the time and expertise the Community Advisory Board members provide!