• Students at PEAK have the opportunity to participate in apprenticeships and internships. The two students below are currently apprenticing with local companies while also attending classes at PEAK and Fort Smith Public Schools. 


     Nadia Facio, Apprentice for ABB


  • Pablo Garcia, Apprentice for Gerber Products Co. in Fort Smith

    Pablo Garcia

    Pablo Garcia is an apprentice for Gerber Products in Fort Smith. He is a senior at Northside High School and is enrolled in the Electronics Technology Program at PEAK. In his Electronics program, Pablo receives concurrent credit through the University of Arkansas Fort Smith and Western Arkansas Technical Center. He spends part of his day in classes at the University, additional high school classes at Northside, and then time at Gerber. Hear from Pablo about his experience in the video below. 


  • Tucker Norris, a senior at Southside High School, is an intern for Kopco in Fort Smith. Tucker is studying Computer Integrated Machining this year at PEAK and earning college credit for those classes from the University of Arkansas Fort Smith.