superintendent's stars at board meeting

Superintendent's Star Program

  • The Fort Smith Public Schools Superintendent's Star program recognizes elementary school students who serve as a role model for their peers.  Superintendent’s Stars show a healthy respect for others through their interactions with classmates and staff members. These students demonstrate positive attitudes and work hard to exceed academic and behavioral expectations at school. 

    The Superintendent's Star program helps support the district's vision and values by building strong relationships and creating a culture of excellence.  

    The superintendent and a school board member visit the school to deliver the award to the student.  The recognition occurs in the student’s classroom so their peers can witness the honor.  Presenting the award at the school gives the student's classmates a chance to congratulate them and hear about the qualities that a star recipient models - so they too become aware that they can become a star one day!  

    The star recipient receives a star medal and sign to display proudly at their home.  The communications staff invites the student and their family to the monthly school board meeting, where the student is publicly recognized.  At the meeting, the star students receive a certificate and have their picture taken with the superintendent and the school board president.