• Purple Star Schools Recognition

    To show its commitment to serving the 200+ military-connected students and families within the District, all 26 schools in the Fort Smith Public Schools system have achieved Purple Star School designation as of the 2021-22 school year as administered by the Arkansas Council for Military Children. The District is now recognized as a Purple Star District, and is one of eight districts in the state with the designation. 

    Each school received a special Purple Star recognition banner that is now displayed in each building and the District is now recognized on the Arkansas Department of Education Division of Elementary and Secondary Education website

    “We couldn’t be prouder of the Fort Smith School District! For all 26 schools in the district to achieve Purple Star status, and to do it so quickly, really demonstrates just how deeply this district is committed to serving and supporting the military children who attend their schools. Dr. Farrell and the district leadership are really “leaning forward in the foxhole” to make Fort Smith a district that truly stands with its military families,” said John Kaminar, chair of the Arkansas Council for Military Children.