• Website

    The district website, www.fortsmithschools.org, is the district’s #1 communication platform.  The communications staff will post all immediate and newsworthy information to the district’s website whenever possible.  Then, the website information will be shared with the district’s other communication platforms as defined below.  

    Mass Notification System 

    The district communicates with families using a mass notification system that utilizes three communication tools: email, text, and automated phone calls. If you are the guardian of a student, it is essential that you have provided current contact information to your school. Please ensure that you update your contact information with us anytime it changes.  

    Here is how we will use the following tools to communicate with our student's family: 

    • EMAIL:  The district will utilize email to share important announcements and exciting news.  Generally, email information will not be urgent but may have essential dates or time frames included with the information. The district may also use email to keep families abreast of incidents at the school their child attends, information on special events, or volunteer opportunities. 

    • TEXT:  The district recognizes that text messaging is a popular form of communication and understands that text messaging often has rates attached, along with unintended disruptions.  With that in mind, the district will utilize text messaging to notify parents of important, emergent incidents that may occur.  Some examples of how the district will use text messaging include times of inclement weather, schedule or event changes, or crisis or emergencies where parents may be given further instructions or need to take action.  

    • AUTOMATED/PRE-RECORDED CALLS:  Occasionally, the district may utilize its automated calling feature to communicate important and timely information on a non-regular, as-needed basis. 

    Social Media

    FSPS uses social media as one of its credible resources for families, staff, students, and community members seeking information about the district. FSPS will use its social media platforms to deliver relevant, curated, and timely information on topics of interest to its social media audience. Since each platform performs differently and has a unique audience, the district will use its social media platforms in the following ways:

    • Faceboook: As our most widely used platform, the district will utilize Facebook to share significant content that frequently links to more detailed information provided on our website. In addition to our original posts, we occasionally share newsworthy and exciting information from our campuses and school partners.  Follow us on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/fortsmithschools/
    • Instagram: As our second-most popular social media platform, Instagram provides an image-driven venue that appeals to a visually attuned audience. Therefore, the district will utilize Instagram to showcase and highlight the best and brightest about our district using rich photography and video content. Instagram stories will showcase timely information shared on Facebook. Follow us on Instagram at: https://www.instagram.com/fortsmithschools/
    • LinkedIn: As a significant employer in Fort Smith, FSPS utilizes LinkedIn to post jobs and share professional information. Follow us on LinkedIn at: https://www.linkedin.com/company/fsschools/
    • X: The district utilizes X (formerly Twitter) to relay information that is emergent in nature. Follow us on X/Twitter at: https://twitter.com/FSSchools
    • Vimeo: The district’s new Vimeo channel provides live streaming for board meetings and serves as the digital repository for past board meetings. As other videos become available, the district will place special feature videos on the channel for archival purposes.Follow us on Vimeo at: https://vimeo.com/fsps

    Thank you for connecting with Fort Smith Public Schools!