long range planning committee chart
  • About the Facilities Long-Range Planning Committee

    The Long-Range Facility Planning Committee is a new district initiative aimed at developing a comprehensive plan for Fort Smith Public School facilities. Committee members have the opportunity to contribute their unique perspectives, professional expertise, and innovative ideas that can shape the future of FSPS facilities.  The roadmap they develop will guide the facilities staff as they work to produce and maintain campus facilities over the next 5 to 15 years. 

    The committee will be comprised of:

    • 13 Community representatives
    • 10 Administrative staff
    • 7 Campus staff members

    Supporting Documentation/Resources

    We invite the community to serve on the committee and play a vital role in the future of Fort Smith Public School's infrastructure.  This opportunity will enable our community to collaborate with fellow community members, engage in meaningful discussions, and make a lasting impact on Fort Smith Public School's future. 

    Meeting Presentation

    If you are interested in contributing your expertise and playing a pivotal role in Fort Smith Public Schools' growth and long-term success, please get in touch with Shawn Shaffer at 479-719-4932.  Together, we can create a roadmap for the future that aligns with our community's goals and aspirations.