athletics and activities
  • Welcome to Fort Smith Public Schools Athletics & Activities

    Empowering and Educating Students Through Sports and Arts

    At Fort Smith Public Schools, we combine the energy of athletics with the creativity of the arts, offering a comprehensive educational experience. Our Athletics & Activities Department is dedicated to nurturing student talents, whether in competitive sports or artistic activities.

    Fort Smith is a place where students transform their creativity and potential into remarkable achievement.

    FSPS Athletics: Dreams and Determination

    Watch the journeys of our successful alumni who transitioned from our sports programs to professional arenas. Their achievements are a source of motivation for our current and aspiring athletes.

    FSPS Fine Arts: Creativity and Imagination

    Discover the depth of talent in FSPS's fine arts programs. Our students engage in diverse artistic disciplines, from music to theater, developing their skills and exploring their artistic potential.

    Department Vision and Values

    At Fort Smith Public Schools, we believe in nurturing well-rounded individuals who will lead our future. Our vision extends beyond athletic and artistic achievements; we focus on developing character, teamwork, and resilience. Our programs are designed to:

    • Encourage a balance between competitiveness, enjoyment, and personal growth.
    • Promote excellence in every aspect – from sportsmanship to academic performance.
    • Inspire students to embrace challenges and step out of their comfort zones.