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    With a commitment to nurturing creative minds, our activities not only provide a platform for expression but also foster a community where passion, innovation, and collaboration flourish. At Fort Smith Public Schools, we offer a diverse range of fine arts programs that enhance artistic skills and contribute to personal and social development.






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Message from Jennifer Steele, Assistant Athletics & Activities Director

I am delighted to invite you into our dynamic and diverse world of student-led initiatives and artistic expression. Here at FSPS, we believe that extracurricular activities are essential to the holistic development of our students, offering them unique opportunities to explore their passions, develop invaluable skills, and create unforgettable experiences.
Our programs are designed to foster creativity, teamwork, and personal growth. Whether it's the dramatic flair of theater, the harmonious melodies of our choir, the strategic challenges of Quiz Bowl, or the rhythmic precision of dance, each activity is a journey of self-discovery and expression. We encourage our students to step out of their comfort zones, embrace new challenges, and showcase their talents. Beyond the skills learned in these activities, our students cultivate qualities like leadership, resilience, and collaboration. These experiences enrich their school life and prepare them for future endeavors, be it in higher education, their careers, or community involvement. Join us in this exciting journey of artistic exploration and personal growth.

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