• Reporting Concerns on FSPS Athletics & Activities

    At Fort Smith Public Schools, we are committed to ensuring a positive and supportive environment for all students involved in athletics and activities. We understand that concerns may arise and have established a clear process for addressing them effectively and respectfully. 

    Steps to Report a Concern

    To ensure that your concerns are heard and addressed appropriately, we ask that you follow this order when reporting.

    1. Initial Contact with the Director/Coach
      • Begin by discussing your concern with the director or coach who directly supervises the student at the time of the incident. This step often resolves most issues at the earliest stage.
    2. Escalation to the Head Director
      • If the concern remains unresolved, the next step is to speak with the head director of the specific activity in which the student is participating. 
    3. Consultation with the School Principal
      • Should the issue persist, the next point of contact is the principal of the school involved.
    4. Contact the Director/Assistant Director of Athletics & Activities
      • As a final step, if the concern has not been adequately addressed, you may contact the director or assistant director of Athletics & Activities. 
  • Scheduling a Meeting

    To ensure a productive and focused discussion, we always ask parents to call and schedule a meeting with the director or coach. Please avoid approaching them before, during, or after practices, games, and performances. We encourage open and respectful communication during these meetings. Our staff is dedicated to listening to your concerns and working towards a satisfactory resolution. 


  • Addressing Your Concerns

    We aim to address all concerns promptly and thoroughly. Our staff will work with you to understand the issue and explore possible solutions. We treat all concerns with the utmost confidentiality and respect for all parties involved. 

  • Contact Us For reporting inquiries or meeting scheduling, contact the Athletics & Activities Office at 479-785-2501.