• Earning National Recognition by Capturing Kids' Hearts

    Three FSPS schools, Euper Lane Elementary, Orr Elementary, and Trusty Elementary, received national recognition from the Capturing Kids’ Hearts organization in 2023.  

    The Capturing Kids’ Hearts National Showcase Schools® Award recognizes and celebrates schools producing exemplary outcomes using the Capturing Kids’ Hearts® Process. Award winners demonstrate a high level of performance and a positive culture and climate for learning.  

    CKH bestowed their National Showcase Schools® title upon Euper, Orr, and Trusty elementary schools, which received the honor alongside only 469 other schools in the entire nation. 


capturing kids' hearts
  • About Capturing Kids' Hearts

    The Capturing Kids’ Hearts (CKH) program fosters a positive school culture through strong educator-student relationships.

    Initially piloted in two schools, its success led to district-wide implementation in 2022-2023. Key components include students reporting on “good things” they’ve experienced to start classes on a positive note.  A student-created “social contract” outlines and establishes behavior expectations in class.  Teachers use an “EXCEL” model to communicate with students.  The EXCEL acronym is “Engage, Xplore, Communicate, Empower, and Launch.”

    Other programmatic components include the “behave in – behave out” model for disciplinary situations.  The behavior model emphasizes self-management and utilizes four simple questions that help students address their attitudes and behavior.