• It’s Not Just Our Motto, It’s What Sets Us Apart. 

    Discover Fort Smith Public Schools (FSPS), where education propels students to reach new peaks of knowledge and success.  We encourage curiosity and foster a diverse and inclusive atmosphere.  Our schools are more than just places of learning—they are homes where success stories are written. 

    At FSPS, every statistic reflects a student’s story; irrespective of the journey, we’re here to aid students in discovering their passion and help them embark on a path toward their goals.

    Unpacking the Essentials

    Our schools are more than buildings; they are vibrant communities where connection thrives. Our district is not just a collection of schools; it's a home, a place where everyone is welcomed with open arms. Our teachers and staff weave a sense of belonging into the fabric of our schools. From the moment students step through the doors, they become essential members of our supportive family that values their unique contributions.

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  • FSPS takes pride in its rich diversity. Our classrooms are vibrant spaces where students learn not only from textbooks - but from each other.  These multicultural experiences foster an environment that celebrates the uniqueness of all students while promoting culture and creativity.

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  • Our staff’s commitment to student success lies within the heart of every staff member.  We empower students with the knowledge and real-world skills they need to thrive.  With a focus on individual growth and achievement, we guide students toward a lifelong love of learning.

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