• Career Centered. Future Focused.

    At FSPS, we encourage students to start exploring their dreams and believing in their futures early on. Students delve into subjects aligned with their interests and potential career aspirations through our six diverse career-focused pathways.  

    Whether exploring the cutting-edge world of information technology, unleashing creativity in Arts & Communication, or navigating the fast-moving atmosphere of Business Management, our pathways suit a wide range of interests and passions. Students can freely explore their interests, charting a unique course towards a rewarding and fulfilling career. Our career-focused programming paves the way for personalized, hands-on learning, providing students with a trajectory that helps them reach the summit of their academic aspirations.  

    Starting in Kindergarten, students start learning about careers.  During their formative years, staff begin talking about careers to bring about awareness all the way through Fifth Grade.  In middle school, staff shifts the emphasis to exploration, including results from aptitude and learning assessments.  Students choose from a variety of career-focused course options and begin to explore diverse career pathways. As they enter high school, students articulate their goals and take classes that connect them to their personal and professional interests. In their junior and senior years, students obtain the necessary skills and participate in professional development opportunities such as internships, concurrent courses, and Advanced Placement (AP) options that enhance their readiness for the journey after graduation. 

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  • Realizing Their Dreams

    Each year, FSPS staff collaborate with area organizations and employers to provide students with real-world workplace exposure and to help them find jobs during their final year of study.  While collaboration continues year-round, two major events occur in the Spring semester to celebrate our students and help them connect with their careers. 

    Draft Day

    Through the BePro BeProud organization's "Draft Day" series, FSPS strategically matches its students with employees in a "Draft Day" event each year.  Based on their interests, talents, and needs, students bring resumes, make valuable contacts, and go through multiple rounds of "speed interviews" with potential employers.  Many leave with internships and jobs (see video below)

    Signing Day

    Hosted by the Fort Smith Regional Chamber of Commerce, this "first of its kind" event in Arkansas celebrates students who have committed to jobs, internships, and mentoring programs.  Each year, hundreds of students participate in the "Signing Day" event and sign hiring paperwork in preparation for the new jobs!  The event is book-nded by a job fair and networking event that provides students with access to hundreds of potential employers.  


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