• Basic Skills

    Classes to help adults improve their basic skills in reading and math are available during the day and evening hours, Monday through Thursday. All classes are free of charge and are designed to meet the individual needs of those who are seeking to improve their math or reading skills. Placement tests are used to determine the most appropriate level of instruction for each adult learner. All work is individualized and the students are able to work at their own pace, in a comfortable and non-threatening atmosphere.

    Computer-assisted instruction is also available under the guidance of certified adult education instructors. User-friendly computer programs provide additional practice and supplemental support for our adult students.

    The counselor assists each student in determining an appropriate plan of instruction, based upon the scores from the initial assessment, as well as the personal goals and objectives of the individual.

    GED Program

    The GED exam and classes are still FREE at the Fort Smith Adult Education Center.  The GED exam is computer-based and requires some basic computer skills. The new test has four parts instead of five: Reasoning through Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, and Math. Scoring for the new test has also changed: to pass the new GED 2014, students must score 145 out of 200 in each area, The test is computer scored, so unofficial scores will be available immediately after testing. 

    The new GED test requires students to sign up at GED.com and take and pass official practice tests ("GED Ready") before taking the official test. We have a FREE official practice test for Adult Education students, so don't pay the $6 for the online "GED Ready" test- check with us first! Students can take and pass one area at a time. For example: a student can study math, take and pass the math "GED Ready" test, and then take the official GED Math test before moving onto science and the other subjects. 

    Once a student has passed the GED Ready test, they may sign up for the official GED test.  The official test must be taken in person at an authorized center- it is not an "online" test- it is "computer-based". The Fort Smith Adult Education Center is an authorized Pearson Vue Testing Center, and we offer official GED testing here. The Arkansas Department of Career Education is charging $16 for the official tests, instead of the full $120.  However, we are offering offer "vouchers" to cover the costs to students who qualify.  Remember- the Fort Smith Adult Education Center is here to provide instruction and testing for our students to prepare them for college and careers. We are ready to help you pass the new GED. AND IT IS STILL FREE!

    Details about the GED test here.


    We now offer managed enrollment, fast track GED preparation classes. Classes begin every 4 weeks, and require advance registration. Stop by the office to sign up. 


    This Conversational Spanish class is provided for a nominal fee to cover the textbook, and classroom instruction. The class meets two days per week, two hours per class, for five weeks.

    The class emphasizes conversational Spanish skills. The instructor is willing to customize the class according to the needs of the individual participants. For example, if the students need industrial vocabulary, the instructor will develop a curriculum to address industrial vocabulary needs.  (CLASS TBA)

    English as a Second Language (ESL)

    Classes in English as a Second Language are designed for persons over the age of 18 whose native language is not English. Beginning, intermediate, and advanced coursework, as well as U.S. citizenship preparation is provided. Placement tests are used to determine the appropriate level of instruction for each student.

    The ESL classes emphasize survival English in the American society, particularly in the workplace. Computer-assisted instruction is also available for additional practice and review. All staff are certified and experienced teachers of ESL.

    Classes are available Monday through Thursday, day and evening, with open entry/open exit. There is no charge for classes, and books are provided!

    Our multicultural classes include students from countries all over the world. Informal class instruction allows students to focus on listening, speaking, reading and writing in English in a relaxed and non-threatening environment. Students have the opportunity to make new friends while studying English. 

    Career Pathways

    Our Career Pathways program prepares students for the Career Readiness Certificate.  The Career Readiness Certificate (CRC) is nationally recognized and measures a range of essential work skills.

    Distance Education

    Our new distance education program uses a Web-based program that allows students the flexibility and convenience of studying outside the traditional classroom setting.  Students may attend traditional classes while engaging in distance learning away from school.  Students who are unable to attend the traditional class setting may complete all of their studies online.


    The Fort Smith Adult Education Center offers two different apprenticeship programs: an Electrical Apprenticeship and a Residential Construction Apprenticeship Program.

    Apprentices entering the electrical trade are required to be licensed by the Arkansas Department of Labor, Board of Electrical Examiners. This is a four-year program consisting of 640 hours of classroom instruction coinciding with 8,000 hours of on-the-job training. When a student completes the program, he or she will be granted a "release to test" and can submit an application to sit for the journeyman electrician's exam. Our classes are offered through partnership with the Arkansas Construction Education Foundation. (Myacef.org)

    Our Residential Construction Apprenticeship Program (RCAP) is offered in partnership with the Greater Fort Smith Association of Homebuilders. This program is an 18 month, 288 hour program.

    Skills taught include:

    Building walls

    Installing roof joists, rafters and trusses

    Laying roofs with plywood and shingles

    Insulating, weather-stripping and caulking

    Installing doors, windows and siding

    Laying wood floors and stairs

    Installing interior finish and trim

    Installing cabinets and countertops

    Building forms for concrete

    Using green building techniques to re duce resources, conserve energy, increase durability of structures and improve indoor air quality

    More details: fortsmithhomebuilders.org

    We are also adding a Plumbing Apprenticeship this year.


    We will also offer a 40-hour pre-apprenticeship class periodically at the Fort Smith Adult Education Center, to prepare students for the RCAP program in the fall. This class will include:

    Construction Employment Readiness: This course prepares students for employment in the building trades, with an emphasis on employer expectations. Students learn about the nature of construction work, drug testing practices, expected work ethic, and the importance of showing up to work and being punctual. Students develop an understanding of harassment in the workplace and how to handle these situations. Students complete a construction readiness assessment and develop a plan to meet employment requirements, such as having a driver’s license, and reliable transportation.

    Job Search and Interview Skills: This course teaches students about job search techniques and skills in preparation for finding employment in the construction trades. Students learn about the different procedures for applying for apprenticeships and jobs, complete applications and prepare a resume listing relevant work experience, practice interviewing, and track career exploration activities.

    Industrial Safety: This course provides an overview of safe work practices for the construction industry. Students learn about OHSA, common jobsite hazards and preventative measures, personal protective equipment and its uses, scaffold and ladder safety, fall protection, confined spaces, alarms and evacuation procedures. Students practice safe use of tools and proper lifting and carrying of materials.

    First Aid/CPR: This course teaches students how to administer CPR and basic first aid, as applied to construction trades. Students will identify signals of medical emergencies and how to care for them. Upon successful completion of the course, students will earn Red Cross Certification.