Arkansas law prohibits the use of cell phones in an active school zone. Please put away your phones while dropping off and picking up students. Smoking or chewing tobacco products or e-cigarettes are also not allowed on school property. Please do not smoke while picking up your student.

    Visitor parking is available for those adults who have business in the front office. Please do not park in front of the school in the drop-off and pick-up lanes. 


    We can make arrangements for your student(s) to change their 'going home' plan if we know ahead of time. Send a message to the classroom teacher OR call the office early in the day.




    • Drivers should enter the Sutton campus off of Kelley HWY and drive slowly using the right lane.
    • Students exit their vehicles when they are under the canopy of the cafeteria (if they are on time) or the front doors (if they are tardy after 8:00am). This will allow for traffic to move faster and get off of the busy street. The left lane is for employees and the right lane is for families dropping off students. 
    • Students should always use the sidewalk and always enter/exit on the passenger side of vehicles for their safety. 
    • Pre-K parents must park in parking spots and walk their student to the classroom for sign-in and out.
    • ADULTS: You may NOT drop off your child in the left lane or have them exit out of the driver-side doors This decision makes them cross traffic and blocks the flow of cars. 


    • Drivers should not arrive before 2:55pm for pickup. Stopping or parking along Kelley HWY is against the law and you may be asked to move or be ticketed. This is why we ask that you do not arrive early.
    • Display your car tag number in the rearview mirror. 
    • If you do not have your car tag number, you will be asked to park in the parking lot and pick up your student from the office. You may be asked to show ID. 
    • Drivers should enter the Sutton campus off of Kelley HWY and will be directed to a specific lane (red or blue). A staff member will record your number in an app that students and teachers see in the cafeteria.
    • Continue to pull forward until you reach the cafeteria area, as directed by staff. 
    • Students will exit the cafeteria and enter vehicles on the passenger side. 
    • Because we are using TWO lanes to load, it is extremely important that drivers do not start moving their vehicles until staff releases the lane to move away from the loading zone. 
    • Pre-K parents must park in parking spaces and walk their student to the classroom to sign them in and out.
    • For those adults who want to park in the neighborhood and walk onto campus to pick up their student, the adult must visit the side door beside the cafeteria with the official car tag number. 
    • This pick-up location closes at 3:15pm. 
    • If a parent walks onto the campus and needs their student after 3:15 pm and the ‘walk-up location’ has closed, the parent will be directed to the office. 
    • Students who walk home INDEPENDENTLY may dismiss from campus at the North exit or South exit when the 3pm dismissal bell rings. 



    • SHOE TAG: A shoe tag on a backpack means the parent/guardian has given permission for their student to independently walk home (North/South).
    • BUS TAG: A bus tag is for students who ride a school bus or daycare van in the afternoon.
    • CAR TAG: A car tag means the parent/guardian will regularly pick up from the drive-through lane OR the parent/guardian will walk up to the parent-pickup area on the side of the cafeteria. 
    • Parent-pickup area is NOT the same as an independent walker. 


    • Your car tag must be presented or displayed to pick up your student after school – either in your car or when you walk up to the side of the cafeteria. 
    • Two tags are provided FREE. Any additional tags are $5 each from the office. 
    • If you walk up, please do not park in our lot – it’s reserved for PRE-K parents who have to “hand-to-hand” their student.