Facility Operations Staff
  • Excellence in Facility Management

    Ensuring Safe, Functional, and Inspiring Learning Environments

    At Fort Smith Public School (FSPS), our Facility Operations Department is responsible for creating and maintaining spaces where education thrives. Recognized for excellence, our award-winning department seamlessly integrates operations into the district's broader educational mission, ensuring every student benefits from a safe, well-maintained, and inspiring learning environment.  The FSPS Facility Operations department oversees and manages all aspects of the district's facilities and maintenance operations. Our maintenance team ensures the proper functioning, safety, and upkeep of the district's physical infrastructure.  We do this by managing and maintaining over 3 million square feet of the district's facilities, 33 school campuses, and 113 buildings, which combined have an average age of 63 years.


    FSPS Facility Rental Procedures

  • Our Mission

    Overseeing Over 3 Million Square Feet of Educational Space

    Our dedicated team is responsible for the upkeep and enhancement of 33 school campuses and 113 buildings, encompassing over 3 million square feet. With an average building age of 63 years, our commitment extends beyond maintenance; we are guardians of history and architects of future learning landscapes.

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