• Attendance Policy


    Types of absences:  Excused, Parental Permission, and Unexcused.

    Excused Absences - An absence is excused in the following instances:

    • Personal Illness of the student with official written verification.
    • Official school sponsored activity.
    • Court appearances with official written verification.
    • Medical/Dental appointments with official written verification (Parents/guardians are urged to schedule medical or dental appointments after school hours. When this is not possible, the appointment should be scheduled during a study hall or scheduled so that the student will not miss the same class(es) repeatedly.)
    • Death or serious illness in the immediate or extended family. (Official written verification may be required.)

    An excused absence shall afford the student the privilege of making up all assignments and/or class activities at the teachers' discretion.

    Official written verification includes signed doctor, dentist, court or legal documents identifying the office and/or the name of the professional who provided the service.

    Parental Permission

    • Parental permission may be granted for any reason including personal illness without written verification, provided the parent has contacted the attendance office, by note or by phone call, the day the absence occurs.
    • The student may not exceed five (5) parental permission absence days for the year. If a student exceeds five (5) days of parental permission in any class for the year, all parental permission days thereafter are classified as unexcused.
    • Parental permission shall afford the student the privilege of making up all assignments and/or class activities as the teacher directs.
    • Absences for parental permission shall not be granted in conflict with semester examination schedules.


    • An unexcused absence shall be considered to be a willful absence (truant) from school if it is without the knowledge of the student's parent/guardian.
    • Any other absence not considered excused in the two preceding sections will be counted as unexcused.
    • Any student who is truant or has an unexcused absence forfeits the right to make up any work for credit.
    • A student with four (4) or more unexcused absences per year may be assigned consequences. Saturday school may be assigned.

    While on suspension, students will not be allowed on any Fort Smith Public School Campus, nor allowed to participate, observe, or otherwise engage in any activity associated with the schools.

    District Student Handbook