• Barling Elementary PTA

    While we are part of the Fort Smith Public School system, Barling is a community of over 4,000 people to the east of Fort Smith.  We have the best of both worlds- belonging to a great school system and being part of a small, supportive community. 

    Our PTA is very supportive and involved in our school.  Each year the PTA works on a project to improve our school. Listed below are some of the ways that the PTA has helped our school:

    • Raised money for playground equipment.
    • Provided money to match district funds for an awning for the children to stand under when arriving to school and being picked up.
    • Provided money to match district funds giving 2 computers for each regular classroom for the children to use.
    • Provided money for field trips.
    • Provided some funds for outdoor classroom.
    • Provided shelves for the classrooms.

    Parents can help support our school by joining the PTA, volunteering, being a Reading Buddy or Watch Dog Dads. The more involved our parents are the more successful our children can be.

  • PTA Board Members

    Montana Jennings- President

    Mary Burton- Vice President

    Amanda Coffman- Treasurer

    Misty Cates- Secretary