• Instruction Services— Pre-K to Adult Education

    The Fort Smith Public School District Instruction programs are designed in the Grades PK-6, 7-9 and 10-12 models. Educators have also incorporated pre-kindergarten programs in several of the District elementary schools. Adult education services are available through the Fort Smith Public Schools Adult Education Center.

    Working toward seamless transition from grade to grade, the Instruction Team directs and coordinates learning experiences for students throughout the District. Their primary responsibilities include budgeting, curriculum emphasis, assessment, accountability, and the activities and programs that make school both memorable and a “proving ground” for the learning that is taking place.

    Elementary Instruction

    With a vigilant eye on learning standards and best instruction practices, the District Elementary Education Program emphasizes the foundations of learning. District K-6 instructors work individually and as teams to teach students how to read, write, compute, and to work together cooperatively. The curriculum is supplemented and enriched by the availability of art, music and physical education classes for all students and special education and gifted and talented education for identified students.

    Secondary Instruction

    The District Secondary Education Program provides both opportunity and guidance for students who are preparing for success beyond high school. More than 190 courses address the needs and interests of students in Grades 7-12. A strong pre-AP program and a variety of AP classes challenge students to learn and develop beyond what was at one time a traditional high school education. At graduation, Fort Smith Public School District students enter institutions of higher education, vocational education, the workforce, or military service with relevant skills and knowledge.

    The Fort Smith Public Schools Department of Student Achievement and Accountability is located at the Parker Center.