• Fort Smith Public Schools Police Department


    The Fort Smith Public Schools Police Department employs 12 Certified Police Officers.
    Our officers work with students to build positive relationships and help to identify any issues 
    before they can escalate. Our School Resource Officers help to keep the lines of communication open between
    students, families, administration and law enforcement.  They have the authority to exercise the same
    powers granted under authority of law, including but not limited to: the issuance of citations, as well as
    the power to arrest. The Fort Smith Public School Police Officers have over 100 years of combined experience
    in law enforcement.

     Our School Resource Officers and staff consist of the following personnel:

    • Sheri Fuhrman, Dispatcher - 479-785-2501, Ext. 91234
    • Bill Hollenbeck, Chief of Police
    • Eric Huber, Lieutenant
    • SRO Clayton Bray, Northside High School
    • SRO Justin Lopez, Northside High School
    • SRO Brian Beaver, Southside High School
    • SRO Ray Whitson, Southside High School
    • SRO Mike Moss, Chaffin Middle School
    • SRO Tony Cox, Darby Middle School
    • SRO Travis Watkins, Kimmons Middle School
    • SRO Joe Love, Ramsey Middle School
    • SRO Randy White - Part time Elementary, Middle, and High Schools
    • SRO Lilyahna Gonzalez - Part time Elementary, Middle, and High Schools 
    • SRO Anthony Morse - Part time Elementary, Middle, and High Schools  

    Ensuring the safety of its students and staff is a top priority of Fort Smith Public Schools. Parents can learn more about the steps FSPS takes to make schools safe by reading the District's School Safety Plan Brochure.

    Police Supervisor Email: ehuber@fortsmithschools.org

    Dispatcher Sheri Fuhrman Email: sfuhrman@fortsmithschools.org  

    *Sending an email does not guarantee immediate action. If you are reporting an emergency, or a potentially dangerous situation that may occur within the next few hours, please call 911 or other emergency response personnel for prompt attention.

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