• Mission Statement

    Northside High School is a learning community that equips, encourages, and empowers all individuals to reach their full potential.

  • Vision Statement

    We envision a community that strives for excellence in all aspects through collaborative teams as the fundamental structure of the school to prepare students to understand, contribute, and succeed in a changing society

  • Collective Commitments
    "Whatever it Takes"

    At Northside, all faculty and staff embody a:

    • Passion for students, learning, and their discipline.
    • Commitment to high achievement and expectations for all persons on the campus.
    • Courageous attitude to embrace change.
    • Supportive, welcoming environment.
    • Dedication to ensure students have a viable plan after graduation.
    • Mentality of being a team player who works with staff, students, and parents.

    At Northside, all teachers exemplify the following instructional practices:

    • Teaching the essential learnings of our agreed-upon curriculum, unit by unit.
    • Developing and implementing local common formative assessments to monitor each students' learning.
    • Being well-prepared, frequently assessing student learning, and monitoring and adjusting plans based on student proficiency.
    • Developing, implementing, and evaluating instructional plans aligned to our smart goals to target specific areas in need of improvement.

    At Northside, we continue to utilize and refine individual and small group instructional programs (WIN and others), to provide additional learning time for all students.

    At Northside, we engage in meaningful staff development to enhance our professional skills.

    At Northside, we commit to uphold the policies and procedures of the school.