• Northside High School Graduation Requirements:
    23 units total

    • 4 units of English.
    • 4 units of Math.
    • 3 units of Social Studies.
    • 3 units of Science.
    • *1 and 1/2 units of Physical Education (One unit can be JROTC or Marching Band with 1/2 PE required).
    • 1/2 unit of Health.
    • 1/2 unit of Oral Communication.
    • 1/2 unit of Fine Arts (Band, Choir, Orchestra, Music Theory, Drama, Art, or Survey of Fine Arts).
      *Only 2 units of PE can count toward graduation, with the maximum of one unit per year.


    Honors Diploma

    A student must meet requirements for graduation, maintain a 3.0 grade average, and pass eight units of Pre-AP or AP courses, six of which must be earned in grades 10, 11, 12.


    Smart Core Curriculum Requirements

    • 4 units of English.
    • 4 units of Math including Algebra 1 and 2, Geometry, and an advanced math course above Algebra 2.
    • 3 units of Science with laboratories, chosen from Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry, or Physics.
    • 3 units of Social Studies including one of U. S. History, one of World History, and at least 1/2 unit of Civics or American Government.
      * Special Note: If parents choose to have their child participate in a less rigorous curriculum for graduation, they must contact their child’s counselor.