About Chaffin Middle School

  • Exterior Front View of Chaffin Junior High

    Chaffin Middle School is one of 4 middle schools in Fort Smith, Arkansas. Our colors are hunter green and vegas gold and the Cougar is our mascot.

    As of September 2017, we have a total enrollment of 798 students with 275 students in the 7th grade, 263 students in the 8th grade, and 260 students enrolled in the 9th grade.

    Through the continual dedication of our parents, a committed Parent Teacher Association, outstanding Partners In Education program, a professional staff, and students committed to high levels of success, Chaffin Middle School is one of the highest achieving middle schools in Arkansas.

    In 2007, Chaffin was honored as one of 14 "Best Practice" state middle and junior high schools identified by Just for the Kids in Arkansas and the National Office for Research Measurement and Evaluation Systems at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville.  Chaffin was recognized by the Arkansas School Recognition Program in 2013-2014 for performing in the top 10% of schools in Arkansas, in 2014-2015, the top 10% of schools in Arkansas, in 2015-2016 to 6-10% in Performance and top 5% in Growth, in 2016-2017 top 6-10% in Performance and top 5% in Growth. Chaffin also earned recognition by the Office of Education Policy at the University of Arkansas in 2013-2014 for "High Achieving Overall" in Math and Literacy, and in 2015 for "Best Test Scores" in Math and Literacy and for "Beating the Odds" in Math.


    Chaffin was named in honor of Lewis Adria Chaffin who taught in the Massard-Barling area for 49 years. He began his teaching career in 1906 at a school near Fort Chaffee called Pleasant Grove. By 1929, L.A. Chaffin was teaching all eight grades in a one-room, frame school near Massard Road.

    After finally getting a larger school and another teacher, L.A. Chaffin's next concern was the transferring of the students to Fort Smith High School (now Northside High School) so that they could finish their secondary education.

    Chaffin was funded from a millage in 1967. When the taxes generated enough money, Darby Jr. High was rebuilt and Chaffin Jr. High was formed. Chaffin began with 452 students.