• Community Diversion

    In an effort to serve adults coming through our district court system, the Fort Smith Adult Education Center have partnered with the Fort Smith District Courts, Greenwood District Court, and Harbor House to offer non-violent misdemeanor offenders the opportunity to participate in a program designed to encourage and help reduce repeat offenses.  Participants are screened by Adult Education Center staff and Harbor House staff and if deemed appropriate for the program, are offered the opportunity to participate.  The goals of the program are: 

    • Acceptance of responsibility and consequences; 
    • Education and reform; and
    • Prevent future criminal misconduct. 

    The program offers several options depending on the participants' goals, education level, and work schedule.  Options through the Adult Education Center include: GED preparation, English as a Second Language, Workforce Prep (WAGE), etc...  All participants must be approved by judge(s) and must follow all conditions as described in the Accountability Contract.  All participants are followed closely by the Adult Education Center Court Liaison and court staff for compliance of court rules and regulations. 

    Please contact Irene Torres, Court Liaison, by phone at (479) 785-1232 or by email at itorrres@fortsmithschools.org for more information.