About the Finance Department

  • Chief Financial Officer Charles Warren oversees the District's financial services, including:


    The accounting office sends money out and records money coming in. We balance the books. We set up accounting procedures and processes to protect the integrity of our financial records. Bryan Hewitt, Supervisor of Accounting, oversees the FSPS budget and works diligently to keep the books in compliance with state and federal regulations.

    Child Nutrition

    The Child Nutrition Department provides a healthy and affordable way to make sure your child gets the nutrients that are essential for success in school. 

    Financial Services

    Providing excellent customer service for the FSPS family is among their primary goals. Angie Davis, Director of Financial Services and payroll team leader notes, “We are there when you first come to the district and when you are contemplating retirement. We continue to work hard to make sure your pay and benefits are correct in the years between.”


    The mission of the Purchasing Department for FSPS is to provide the timely delivery of high-quality goods and services following fiscally responsible procurement practices and policy. Craig Tecmire, Supervisor of Purchasing, states, “Purchasing directly enriches our schools for student success. From keeping our copiers in service, deliveries buzzing and paperwork flowing, the purchasing department is a leverage multiplier for our district.