• Storm/Tornado Shelters

    • Storm/Tornado Shelters are available at all FSPS schools.
    • Storm/Tornado Shelter doors unlock automatically when tornado sirens sound and FSPS Storm Shelter managers will be present.
    • During school hours, students and staff have priority for Safe Room occupancy. 
    • Members of the public will only be admitted after all the students have been sheltered.
    • Storm/Tornado Shelters are open to the public ONLY when a tornado warning has been issued and/or the tornado sirens have been sounded.
    • Storm/Tornado Shelters will remain open ONLY UNTIL the warning is lifted. When the warning expires, occupants must exit the shelter.
    • Storm/Tornado Shelter doors must remain closed at all times.


    • Pets are not allowed in the Storm/Tornado Shelters unless confined in an owner-provided and airline-approved carrier.
    • Radios or music devices may be used only with individual earphones.


    • Food and drink are not permitted in the shelter.
    • Smoking or the use of tobacco in any form is prohibited in Storm/Tornado Shelters and on all school property in
      accordance with Arkansas law.


      1. Ballman: 2601 South Q Street
      2. Barling: 1400 D Street
      3. Beard: 1600 Cavanaugh Road
      4. Bonneville: 2500 South Waldron Road
      5. Carnall: 2524 South Tulsa Street
      6. Cavanaugh: 1025 School Street
      7. Cook: 3517 Brooken Hill Drive
      8. Euper Lane: 6601 Euper Lane
      9. Fairview: 2400 South Dallas Street
      10. Howard: 1301 North 8th Street
      11. Morrison: 3415 Newlon Road
      12. Northside High School: 2301 B. Street
      13. Orr: 3609 Phoenix Avenue
      14. Park: 4111 Park Avenue
      15. Southside High School: 4100 Gary Street
      16. Spradling: 4949 Spradling Avenue
      17. Sunnymede: 4201 North O Street
      18. Sutton: 5001 Kelley Highway
      19. Tilles: 815 North 16th Street
      20. Trusty: 3300 Harris Avenue
      21. Woods: 3201 Massard Road
      22. Chaffin: 3025 Massard Road
      23. Darby: 616 North 14th Street
      24. Kimmons: 2201 North 50th Street
      25. Ramsey: 3201 Jenny Lind Road

    Thank you for following the directions of the shelter manager or the school administrator at all times.