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    barling logo

    This is the official logo of Barling Elementary, and is intended to be used on all official communications. The Barling Elementary School logo is a symbol of our school’s brand and commitment to the staff, students, and community we serve. Guided by the Fort Smith Public Schools’ mission to “equip all students with the skills to be productive members of society,” our branding is meant to be bold and strong. Maintaining the integrity of our brand is key to achieving that mission. This Branding Resource is a tool to provide our staff with ways to correctly brand our school materials and provide direction in keeping the use of our brand consistent.



    In addition to the primary logo for the school, there are alternate logos that can be used. In a majority of cases the primary logo should be used, but for items with different spacing or smaller items, like documents or printed materials, a pared down alternate version may be more appropriate.





    Barling Elementary Color Palette 

    The Barling Elementary School color palette and their identifying color numbers are listed below.
    You are asked to use the primary colors when creating items for/about the district. Secondary colors that appropriately mesh with the primary color palette are acceptable and should be used with discretion.

    NOTE: Pantone Matching System (PMS) color codes are to be used for professional printing services where Pantone colors are required. CMYK codes are typically used for items that will be physically printed and distributed. RGB codes and Hex codes will be the most utilized, and are typically used for items that will be distributed digitally.

    Bobcat Red
    PMS - 186 C
    R - 191 G - 27 B - 44
    C - 18% M - 100% Y- 92% K - 8%
    HEX - #BF1B2C 
    Slate Gray
    PMS - CG1 1
    R - 89 G - 89 B - 89
    C - 0% M - 0% Y- 0% K - 65%
    HEX - #595959
    Barling Black
    PMS - BLK2
    R - 0 G - 0 B - 0
    C - 83% M - 74% Y- 61% K - 100%
    HEX - #000000
    Whisker White
    PMS - 11-0601 TPG
    R - 255 G - 255 B - 255
    C - 0% M - 0% Y- 0% K - 0%
    HEX - #ffffff


    The correct use of typography/font is also a critical component of brand consistency. The typefaces shown below are approved as primary fonts on all publications and items concerning all Fort Smith schools. Work Sans is the official district typeface for headings and titles. DM Sans is the official district typeface for subtitles and paragraphs.

    Cinema Script (Accent only, not for regular use)
    If you have questions about Barling Elementary Branding, please contact Communications at communications@fortsmithschools.org