• Emergency/After Hours Resources:

    • Suicide Prevention Hotline 1-800-273-TALK (8255)
    • Text "Talk" or "Home" to 741741
    • Fort Smith School Helpline 800-418-6423
    • Visit - Primary Care Provider, Baptist Hospital, Mercy Hospital, or Mental Health Professional
    • American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
    • APP - A Friend Asks - The Jason Foundation
    • APP - My3 (Three people to contact)

    Crisis Text Line

    Graduation Requirements

    Arkansas Scholar

    Shauna Cox, Kimmons School Counselor, A - L

    Shauna Cox

    School Counselor, Students A - L

    Rachel Daniel, Kimmons School Counselor M - Z

    Rachel Daniel

    School Counselor, Students M - Z


    Counselors work with students and staff to...

    • Helping students in the areas of academic, social/emotional and school related behavioral issues
    • Helping create a safe school environment where children can learn
    • Working with students on attendance issues
    • Coordinating referrals to school based therapist
    • Helping design interventions to enhance student success

    Counselors help Students by...

    • Encouraging positive attitudes at school toward self, family, peers, and community
    • Providing individual and group counseling sessions
    • Providing classroom guidance lessons
    • Providing support during personal crisis
    • Providing support to students who have been suspended
    • Bringing in outside resources to increase student support services

    Why do Parents Contact the School Counselor?

    • Academic concerns
    • Social or emotional concerns at school
    • Family concerns that may have an effect on students at school
    • School based therapy referrals
    • Parents can call the school counselor at any time for a phone conference or set up a school visit

    How does a student see a counselor?

    • Self-Referral -- at the counselor's office
    • Parent Referral -- online, by phone, or in person
    • Administrative Referral
    • Teacher or Staff Referral
    • Referral by friend(s)