• Ramsey Social Studies

    7th GRADE

    All seventh grade students will take a course in Social Studies.  One semester of the course will concentrate on the study of Arkansas History, while the other semester will concentrate on the study of Geography.  

    Arkansas History

    Arkansas History provides a study of the history of Arkansas.  The course addresses the geographic features and economics of our state, focusing on political, social, religious, military, scientific, and cultural developments that have occurred over time.  This course is more rigorous than Arkansas History in grades K-6.  The one-semester course stresses application, problem-solving, higher-order thinking skills, and use of classroom performance based/open-ended assessments with rubrics.

    World Geography

    Each unit will consist of the following regions: North America, Latin America (South America/Central America/The Caribbean), Africa, Eurasia (Europe and Asia), and time permitting Australia. We will focus on the physical features and cultures in each of these units. We will also look at the history and other aspects of these continents. 

    8th GRADE

    Social Studies

    All eighth grade students will take a course in Social Studies.  This class lasts the entire school year and it is a mandatory course. The course addresses the four strands of the Social Studies frameworks for the state of Arkansas, including the study of world geography, civics, world history, and economics.  We should always keep in mind that we must learn from our past to prepare for our future.